And the winner of the balloon race is…….

And the winner of the balloon race is…….





Final balloon race map

…..Sinead Halpin!!  Sinead’s balloon arrived back in Clarecastle Post Office in the nick of time to meet our 17th June deadline having been on some adventure across Ireland, the Irish Sea, Wales, half of England flying high over the mountains of the Peak District to come down near Saxilby, a quaint village in Lincolnshire in the East of England.  This little pink balloon flew a whopping 668 km from Clarecastle and was found by Amber Coggan just outside the village which is around 6km from the town of Lincoln. Sinead therefore wins the only prize in this part of the competition  – €50 for the balloon that travelled the furthest and Amber receives €20 for returning the winning balloon.

Up until 2 weeks ago the steady leader in the race was Caleb McNamara’s balloon that reached Derbyshire in England just on the other side of the Peak District but then he was bumped down to third place by Cora Guinnane’s balloon that had ventured that little bit further to Brinsworth, Rotherham in South Yorkshire just south of Sheffield.  Cora’s balloon came in second.

Freya McFall, Emma Higgins and Yvonne King’s balloons made a fabulous effort making it all the way to the Macclesfield area but ran out of puff unable to tackle the hills and mountains of the Peak District.  Other clusters of balloons made it to Wales and the Liverpool area while others did not make it out of County Clare.  All the returned balloons are listed below.

Well done to everyone and thank you to all who supported this great fundraiser for the maintenance and upkeep of Clarecastle Community Playground.

balloon list





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