Tidy Towns

  Only 3 Days left to the commencement of the judging for Tidy Towns 2109. Please take 5 mins to tidy up around your house or the green areas near you. Every little helps Read More »

Clarecastle 2018 – be a part of the transformation of Clarecastle!!

National Tidy Towns Competition – not just about Flowers & Litter Control – Community Gathering on Monday 3rd April at 8 p.m. in the Old School – all are welcome.  Clarecastle 2018 is a Clarecastle Tidy Towns initiative to involve all community groups, businesses & residents to build on the visible enhancements achieved in recent years  and reflected by a fantastic gain of 37 ... Read More »

Tidy Towns fundraising

Tidy Towns have invested in new self-watering hanging baskets and planters which will brighten up our village.  They are more environmentally friendly and less labour intensive as they only have to watered once a week – their design is such that the water does not immediately evaporate into a warm atmosphere.  If anyone would be interested in sponsoring a basket ... Read More »

Tidy Towns out in force

Clarecastle is really shaping up this summer thanks to the trojan efforts of CCDL’s Tidy Towns team and the individuals and groups that have rolled in behind them.  The Tidy Towns Committee is not just preparing the village for judging in the Tidy Towns competition which will take place any time now but wants Clarecastle to look its best for visitors ... Read More »

New entrance to the quay has been completed

Some time ago, the Office of Public Works (OPW) installed a flood barrier at the entrance to the quay in Clarecastle to protect the village from future flooding. While the job was deemed very necessary to protect the village rising river waters, the construction was largely a concrete structure that did not meet the sensitive requirements of an important historical ... Read More »

Gathering for Tidy Towns this evening at 8 p.m.

Just a reminder that there is a little gathering this evening to show support for the Tidy Towns Committee.  Come and show support for all their hard work this year.  All welcome at 8 p.m. this evening in the Old School. Read More »