CCDL Submission to Clare County Council’s Ennis and Environs Development Plan 2014

Submission to the Ennis and Environs Development Plan 2013- 2019 

from Clarecastle Community Development Ltd

 Clarecastle Community Development Ltd (CCDL) is a non-profit making company that was established at the beginning of 2012. Its main objective is to promote the educational, cultural, social and economic well being of all the members of the community of Clarecastle and its environs.

CCDL is finalising a strategic plan to underpin a 10 year Village and Community transformation programme with its core objective “Building a Sustainable Clarecastle Community” based on the three key pillars – social, economic and physical. CCDL will take every opportunity to partner with Ennis and the greater Ennis Environs in all areas of mutual interest relative to these development pillars.

CCDL welcomes this opportunity to make a submission on the forthcoming Ennis and Environs Development Plan 2013- 2019. We would request that the following concepts be given legal status through their adoption into the Plan.

Concept #1- The rehabilitation of Clarecastle Village as vibrant village core.

This should include for

  • The preparation of a street improvement scheme for the village core and the implementation of the same within the lifetime of the plan. This should make provision for a colour scheme for the building facades and a street landscaping scheme. A colour scheme could also be applied to a footpath refurbishment programme utilising latest developments in bitmac binding technology (highly coloured wearing course materials) or hot rolled asphalt with chippings coloured by a pigmented binder.
  • Upgrade of Clarecastle Quay as a tourism/amenity resource and link it to the village core. Develop tourism amenities at the Quay utilising existing buildings as an Interpretive Centre with Coffee Shop/Restaurant.
  • Develop feasibility plans to evaluate a marina in the village, exploring dry storage and jetty launch infrastructure.
  • Development of the Clarecastle Playground.
  • Provide incentives to locate shops and businesses in Clarecastle village e.g. reduced rates/planning contributions.
  • Address dereliction issues by legislative means e.g. Coach House at the junction of Barrack Street and Patrick Street. e.g. 2 the unfinished development on the western bank of the River Fergus. eg. 3 the AI Station on the Kiladysert Road, e.g. 4 the Heather Hill development just off the N85 Roundabout on the Clare Road. In conjunction with addressing the dereliction issue, a potential future use for these buildings be investigated.
  • That an area for an outdoor marketplace be developed as a further attraction for the village.

Concept # 2- Development of an Integrated Walk and Cycle Route

This could include for

  • A walking and cycling route from the Quay at Clarecastle to Clareabbey along the River Fergus.
  • Continuation of this route north into Ennis terminating in the town centre again along the River- this could be carried out as part of any future flood alleviation works to be carried out by the OPW.
  • Continuation of the route southwards along the River Fergus towards the Estuary eventually linking into an Estuary Walk and Cycle Route.
  • Development of Looped Walks in the village.

e.g. 1 From the village out the old Kildysert Road via Primrose Gardens and          Claremount. Onto the Kildysert Road R473 for a short distance and turn left down          the lane. At the end of the lane traverse across existing fields by a new waymarked        route to Lissane. Back then to the village by the public road. This project would           need traffic calming along the existing roads.

e.g. 2 Looped walks along the banks of Ballybeg Lough linking into Ballybeg woods,     potentially Killone Abbey.

  • That a Heritage (Natural and Built) Trail be included as part of the walking/cycling route and that appropriate signage and information boards be located along such a route.

It is recommended that the above concepts become objectives in the forthcoming            Ennis and Environs Development Plan 2013-2016 and that they become part of an integrated cycle and walk network in Clarecaslte, Ennis and its Environs and the wider Clare area. It is recommended that the strategy be developed and ratified within 2 years of the making of the plan and that the then ratified plan be implement as required.

 Concept #3 – Landscaping

  • That landscaping be carried out in accordance with the scheme developed by Cunnane/Stratton/Renyolds and extended to include village approach roads/sense of arrival, stone wall refurbishment, verging definition, tree planting, green areas/Peoples Park, Quay area, entrances to Clareabbey, GAA Grounds (X2) and a community garden
  • Stone walls on approach roads be repaired as necessary and verges be redefined where required.
  • Further tree planting at strategic locations to block views of the Roche Plant – particularly views from the Newmarket
  • That community gardens allotments be developed/encouraged where possible.

Concept #4 – New Housing

  • That lands within the village boundary be zoned for low density housing e.g. quarter acre serviced sites so as to encourage self builders.
  • That the development of brownfield sites be favoured and encouraged over new greenfield
  • That it be mandatory for all new housing areas developed in the future to have green areas with playground facilities for children.
  • That it be mandatory that there is designated walking and cycling routes to the village centre from any new housing developments.
  • That it be mandatory that all new housing developments are serviced by green technology e.g. 50% of all energy usage be from green sources built into the development.
  • That the capacity in the sewerage treatment facility be increased to facilate the future population of Clarecastle.

Concept #5- Low Carbon Village

  • That the village strives to become a low/zero carbon village and that the use of green technology be incentivised.
  • That existing businesses adopt a low/zero carbon policy through the integration of green technology.

Concept #6 – Transportation

  • That there be a dedicated off road cycle and pedestrian route between Ennis and Clarecastle.
  • That there be a dedicated bus service between Ennis and Clarecastle and potentially Shannon Airport (via New Market).

Concept #7- Telecommunications Infrastructure

  • That high speed broadband be made available in the village and the surrounding hinterland.
  • That e-business developments be incentivised and encouraged to locate in the village.

Concept #8 – Tourism

  • That Clarecastle become a centre for watersports on the River Fergus.
  • Develop the Clarecastle Festival of Fun as a yearly event.
  • Developing the Angling/Sports Fishing.
  • Develop a heritage tourism theme/product incorporating the historical port of Clare, abbeys (Clareabbey/Killone), famine walks, lakes and woods.

Concept #9 Community Gardens

  • That community gardens/allotments be encouraged and developed.

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