Clarecastle Community Garden – site located, team needed!


Following Clarecastle Community Development’s consultation with the people of Clarecastle as to what they would like to see in our village in the future, a Community Garden was one of the priorities.  Having considered a number of options, the GAA kindly offered the front site beside the entrance to the Club to be used as a Community Garden in the short to medium term.

CCDL is now looking for someone to lead this project and for volunteers to be part of a team to make this happen.  The idea would be to develop an attractive garden that would grow plants that could be used by the Tidy Towns Committee in our village and vegetables that might be used by various organisations within the Community.

Physical work should begin on the plot in the autumn as it is too late to start planting now.  However, the sooner a team can be put together to plan what work has to be done and how best to tackle it, the better. It should be a great way of meeting people, sharing ideas and learning about gardening from each other. If you are interested in becoming involved please email or call 086 385 3637.

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  1. Great initiative and one less area of ‘grass’ for Pat Barry to cut !

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