Clarecastle & its Heritage

Clarecastle is a village located just south of Ennis, in County Clare. It has significant natural amenities, historic core and excellent community and commercial services. It is defined by the River Fergus to the east and the new link road to the Ennis bypass, to the north making it very accessible from the M18 motorway. The village has a history stretching back several hundred years owing to its prominent location on the River Fergus giving and controlling access to its estuary and maritime trade. Today it is a multicultural, vibrant and growing village with plenty to see and do for residents and visitors alike.

The local community development company has mapped out a vision for its future and a considerable body of work has already been completed by a key subsidiary (Clarecastle Heritage and Wildlife SubCommittee) highlighting places of interest, documenting its rich and varied history and publishing content rich maps and heritage books. Tourism Development International, specialist consultants to the tourism and travel industry, recently completed a review of Clarecastle’s tourism potential and recommended an estuary walk and viewing area to act as a trailhead for a walking and off-road cycle route with multiple interest points from Clarecastle Quay through the historic castle and military barracks, Clare Abbey and onwards to Ennis. Heritage and Pilgrim tourism, water based leisure activities, tourist oriented retailing, estuary wildlife and ecology initiatives to underpin ecotourism initiatives have also been recommended and a road map to deliver on these is in place.


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