CoderDojo Clarecastle initiative to support local businesses

CoderDojo Clarecastle initiative to support local businesses

As an add-on to our regular Saturday morning sessions teaching kids how to code, CoderDojo Clarecastle are working on developing an addition to the CCDL website that will allow local businesses to advertise their products/services, run promotions etc. Essentially we plan to make an online version of the printed CCDL directory … and more.

While the printed version is handy for contact details – and necessary for those that are not online – this online version will allow businesses to add new products, services and news updates as required. For example as winter kicks in people will want boilers serviced, fuel supplied, and during summer months there is more demand for BBQ meats and landscaping services. With this new feature businesses can get their products and services in front of customers at the right time, hopefully generating benefits for all, businesses and customers alike, by promoting local.

CoderDojo is run by volunteers and aims to teach kids coding and other skills required to write programs, develop an appreciation for technology, and apply the learned skills to practical community based solutions such as the CCDL website.

For more information on CoderDojo in general and to sign your business up for the new website feature, visit the CoderDojo stand at the playground opening ceremony on Sunday. We will there from 1.30 to 3 pm.

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