DSC_1796 copyThere has long been a strong tradition of community work and public spirit in Clarecastle. There is tangible evidence within the village of the ability and commitment of the local Community to achieve results in projects undertaken to improve and develop Clarecastle. However over the years opportunities to avail of community development funding from external agencies may have been missed.

In May 2011 a Public Meeting was held which identified positives and negatives about Clarecastle and produced ideas for developing the village and its environs.  The then Acting Development Group made a recommendation in September 2011 that a Selection Committee would nominate a new Development Committee. An interim Board of Directors  of the new Development Company was nominated and met for the first time in October 2011.

A new non-profit making company Clarecastle Community Development Ltd was born!

The aims and objectives of the interim Board of Directors were to:

  • to set up Clarecastle Community Development Ltd with appropriate governance structures to meet funding agency requirements
  • to develop a Development Plan for the next 3 years and apply for appropriate funding from external agencies
  • to launch a two month consultation process aimed at defining the structure of the Board of Clarecastle Community Development Ltd that will be representative and inclusive.  This will initiative and implement development projects and will provide a stimulation and co-ordination role throughout the life of a project.
  • to develop crucial links with stakeholders and key influencers (e.g. government bodies, Council representatives, public funding agencies etc.)

Why is Clarecastle Community Development Ltd necessary?

  • To provide a unified approach to community development of Clarecastle – co-ordinated, joint up thinking with Community buy in.
  • To provide external bodies (e.g. government agencies, funding bodies etc) as well as the local Community a clear understanding of purpose and a clear vision of what is to be achieved.
  • To be representative and inclusive through good communication and rotation.
  • To use the many talents within our Community.