National Tidy Towns Competition –  Continued Tidy Towns Success in 2017

National Tidy Towns Competition – Continued Tidy Towns Success in 2017

Clarecastle  were awarded a total of 293 marks in  this year  National Tidy Towns  Competition , a gain of 6 marks from 2016 and a gain  of 43 marks  since Clarecastle re-entered the Competition in 2011 the full report is available here and in Clarecastle Post Office

It is a very positive report with particular praise given for the work of the various community groups active in Clarecastle.  A special mention was made of the presentation of our community properties, estates, shops, public houses and private dwellings.  Acknowledgement was made of our efforts to promote sustainability and biodiversity within our community and points were awarded for the huge improvement in litter control and for the general tidiness of the area. While we strive to maximise our marks in the competition each year the real value of this competition is to instill in our community a real sense of “pride  of place” and to work together to present Clarecastle as a great place to live, work or visit.  Thank you to all who helped in the efforts for the Tidy Towns competition and may we continue as a Community to build on the achievements of this year going forward.

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  1. Fantastic work done by the many volunteers. They deserve huge credit and thanks for their all year round efforts. We all benefit from their time and commitment.

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