Huge effort this year put into Tidiness & Litter Control – Major negative comments in previous TidyTown’s reports referred to the unsightly overhead wires & poles, redundant poles & condition of
footpaths. The completion of the Streetscape project will address most of these problemsparticularly in the Main Street.  Tidy Towns also put particular emphasis on the entrance road from Newmarketon Fergus (R458) where

1. Concrete Railings were repaired at Kerins Cross following tree damage during Ophelia Storm,

2. Clarecastle Tidy towns successfully negotiated with Clare Co Council to change the colour of the railings on Clarecastle bridge from blue to neutral grey and got the bridge painted June 2017

3. Obsolete poles were removed from the bridge.

4. Major success in getting hoarding removed at the Clarecastle Bridge & replaced with green fencing. Murals are currently being painted by children of Clarecastle National School under the guidance of local artist Ana Colomer. The murals will lessen the impact of the derelict site beside the river in front of the castle.


5. Clarecastle Tidy Towns campaigned successfully for the return of the street sweeper on a weekly basis.

6. Clarecastle Tidy Towns have put together a plan to paint all public walls in late May

7. The positive reduction of weedkiller application has unfortunately put a lot of extra work on our volunteers to keep kerbsides free of weeds & grass – this takes up a huge resource
as we try to maintain the area from 50km sign on Clare Road to 50  km sign on Newmarket on Fergus Road

8. In an effort to bring attention to casual littering from passing cars in particular a new Clarecastle Tidy Towns & Clare Co Council Notice was erected in front of St Joseph’s Tce

9. Dog fouling on our pavements & parks was addressed by inviting Edel Costello from Clare Co Council Environment Section to Host a “ Green Dog Walkers” Stand at the annual regatta at Clarecastle Quay

10. Clarecastle Tidy Towns registered along with several of our litter patrol teams with An Taisce for the National Spring Clean Week and received the clean up packs

11. The Clarecastle Spring Clean took place from 14th to 21st April. Ten cleanups took place across the parish. While we still have some black spots mainly in secluded areas the returns from the spring cleanups in the built up areas continues to fall.  The emphasis of the Tidy Towns team has now moved to elimination of litter at source and will be doing further work with Clarecastle National School particularly re their 6th Green Flag- Global Citizenship- Litter and Waste Theme action plan and local shops & food outlets re how best to limit disposable cups & containers

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