Tidy Towns

A little bit of background

Clarecastle’s Tidy Towns Committee was revived in 2010 following the completion of the Ennis and Clarecastle bypass.  The removal of the stream of very heavy traffic from Clarecastle offered a renewed opportunity for the village to be rejuvenated and revived into a much more pleasant place to live and visit.  The Tidy Towns Committee worked hard to clean up Clarecastle and its surrounding areas and in May 2011 entered the Tidy Towns competition for the first time since 1995!  The Committee was delighted with the score it received and has given increased impetus to create a village that is much more aesthetically pleasing and one that we can all be proud of!

Aims of the Tidy Towns Committee

  • To enhance the appearance of Clarecastle, making the village a more attractive place to live, work and spend our free time.
  • To raise awareness of environmental issues among both the adult & school-going population.
  • To promote the environmental & historical assets of the area.
  • To encourage residents, retailers, and businesses to maintain their estates and premises and show them to best effect.
  • To identify “black spots” and “problem areas”, and develop strategies to deal with them effectively.
  • To lobby for better and more effective local government services.

Would you like to help?

Volunteers are always welcome to Clarecastle Tidy Towns and we appreciate every minute that people can spare to improve our village and and community.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at clarecastlett@gmail.com. If you can give 1 hour per week/month we will be delighted to get you involved and we can assure you that there is great satisfaction when you do give something back to the community.