Landscaping and open spaces

Tree Maintenance (Birch) (FP ) 
Clarecastle Tidy Towns has selected tree maintenance as its project for the “Celebrating 60 years of Tidy Towns” funding scheme.  The project involves tree topping, shaping & replacement of fallen birch trees at the entrance to the village on the R458 Newmarket on Fergus entrance to Clarecastle. We are still awaiting funding confirmation for this project.  If funding is granted the project will proceed in the autumn.

National Tree Week March 2018
Clarecastle Tidy Towns Took part in the annual National Tree Week with seven trees collected & planted . Trees Collected included 4* Cherry Blossoms planted in the Peoples Park & 3 * Common Birch planted in the approach road R458 from Newmarket on Fergus.  This is our 8th Year participating in this project National Tree Week 2018.

Clarecastle Community Garden.
The Clarecastle Community Garden has continued to educate the community on the broad, multi-faceted benefits of gardening to individuals, families and the community as a whole. Situated at the entrance to the Clarecastle GAA grounds, it offers an accessible and welcoming venue for garden enthusiasts as well as the public at large to connect with nature as well as fellow citizens of the community. During the past year, the Community Garden has actively collaborated with other groups in the community and joint community initiatives. Some of these collaborations have included, for example:
 Wildlife and Biodiversity initiative, the seeding native wildflowers in a special section of the community garden
 Construction of a unique (hurling inspired theme) “bug hotel” June 2017
 Construction of composting receptacles out of reclaimed timber in the garden
 Participation in the Clare Agricultural Show in the pop-up garden competition
 Coordination with the local Scout group and the Clarecastle National School for visits to the community garden and hosting/maintenance of raised beds in the garden
 Regular promotion of gardening and green/recycling information, news and events on the group’s Facebook page, which is promoted to the community at large
 Installation of a water collection and storage capacity as part of the ‘soda bottle’ greenhouse that was constructed the previous year in the community garden.
 Awarded a €1,500 grant by GIY.IE for a planned expansion to the number of raised beds in the garden and to further promote and amplify the community garden mission and activity with the local school and other groups and individuals
 Community Garden have taken on Board the suggestion from 2017 Tidy towns Report to replace the old white tyres with better quality ones.
Clarecastle GAA has worked with Tidy Towns on projects that fall under landscaping and maintaining open spaces
 10 acre natural grass field within the complex which will not be cut until July to enable wildflowers to grow naturally and to promote pollination by bees.
 Approx. 2 to 3 acres of land around our facility which will also be left in meadowland
 A horticultural course is currently in progress which is being run by the CLDC which is educating the local community about natural methods of sustainable growing of plants.
 Water harvesting project starting which will harvest water which will in turn be used for watering of plants in the poly tunnel which is situated on the club grounds.

Spring Flowers
Clarecastle Tidy Towns is working on a project to increase colour in early spring & has started a daffodil project with bulbs sown on the flower boats, community garden, the churchgrounds, GAA and the Famine memorial stones & approach road from Newmarket on Fergus

Upgrade the People’s Park

Following our unsuccessful attempt at getting funding in the 2017 allocation from the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme 2017 funding we have already requested Clare County Council to resubmit this project under the 2018 funding scheme.  This would upgrade the Park into a more usable and attractive space for all.  The boardwalk has been removed dur to health and safety concerns.